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DeMolay Leaders of New Jersey

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Incentive Program

“The Help Me, Help You” Incentive Program is here!

Want a FREE Convention?

Simply sell just $400 worth of advertisements and you got it!*

That means you could easily talk to four local businesses and get a free trip to Wildwood! What a deal, huh?

Advertisement Costs:

Cover Page            =      $200

Full Page                 =      $125

Half Page               =      $75

Quarter Page        =      $40

Booster                   =      $1

Free Youth Convention = $398 sold in Advertisements

Free Adult Convention = $590 sold in Advertisements


ALL Ads must be returned by May 20, 2016.


Questions? Please Contact:

"Dad" Andrew Prescott

(973) 461-9583


*For every dollar worth of advertisements you sell to a Non-Masonic Organization, you will get fifty cents back toward your Convention. We’re looking to expand our local partners for DeMolay.

This program is open to all DeMolays, Parents, Alumni, Rainbows, Advisors, AND Members of the Masonic Family.