NJ DeMolay Representative DeMolay

The Representative DeMolay award is designed to encourage and reward DeMolay members for growth and development in various areas of life. The holder of the award is one we deem to be truly representative of the ideals and purposes of DeMolay. To hold this award, in effect, makes a young man a spokesman, an ambassador for DeMolay.

The Representative DeMolay program is one of self-evaluation. You are given the opportunity to review your own accomplishments in the past as you look forward and plan for the years before you. You should find those qualities that are your strengths and also note those areas in which you need improvement to achieve a well-rounded personality. This application will ask you to consider six major areas:

  • Mental Development
  • Physical Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • DeMolay Activity

Take this opportunity to learn about yourself seriously, and plan to take action on what you learn. You may find it helpful to seek the opinions of others, such as advisors, family, and friends, as you evaluate your progress in these areas.

You are required to give a Personal Rating in each area (excellent, above average, average, fair, or needs improvement) to become a Representative DeMolay. Your application will be judged not solely on your current level of accomplishment, but also on the thoroughness and honesty of your self-evaluation.

Please note:

  1. Please check your work. Spelling and grammar are important. Responses should generally be in complete sentences.
  2. This form is intended for evaluation of development among Active DeMolays. A Senior DeMolay or Advisor may also apply, and should answer all questions applicable to him. In addition, he should attach a brief statement showing what service he has rendered to the Order since reaching majority. These services may be to his own Chapter or in some larger relationship, such as state or international activities.
  3. You should answer all questions to the best of your ability. Do not leave blanks anywhere on the form. If a question does not apply, mark it N/A. Incomplete forms will not be evaluated.

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