Touchdown Membership Program

2016-2017 Membership Program

“Touchdown Membership”


In “Touchdown Membership” the goal will be to reward our members for recruiting and retaining members. The points will be scored based off of petitions and prospect info sheets filled out and submitted. The petitions will be worth a significantly higher value in order to reinforce the idea that we need actual members, not just a lot of prospects. This program is open to active DeMolays.

The points system will work as follows:

  • Every prospect info sheet will be worth 10 yards
  • Every petition submitted will be worth 50 yards
  • Every 100 yards will be a touchdown
  • Each touchdown will add to your season-long score
  • The member or “player” with the most points by next Convention will receive the Heisman
  • The top ten members including the Heisman will be named to our prestigious All-American Membership Team.  


Chapters will be responsible for holding onto all Prospect Info Sheets so they can keep in contact with the prospect, as well as planning open houses/fun events that appeal to their prospect’s hobbies & interests. The State will receive the prospect’s information from the Prospect Info Sheet based on the chapter’s submission in the Fantasy DeMolay Program.

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