Program Guide FAQ

“Fantasy DeMolay”

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will there be a Chapter of the Year?

A: Yes. The chapter who earns the largest amount of yards throughout the entire program will be named Chapter of the Year.


Q: Is there a difference between Fantasy DeMolay Champion & Chapter of the Year?

A: Yes. The chapter who earns the largest amount of yards throughout the entire program will be named Chapter of the Year. The Chapter with the best won-loss record in the State Program will be named Fantasy DeMolay Champion.


Q: Is there any eligibility requirements for Chapter of the Year?

A: Yes. To ensure a well-rounded Chapter of the Year, Chapters must have a minimum of 250 yards in each category throughout the length of the program.


Q: Are there seperate submission forms for the Master Ritualist, Traveling Helmet, Touchdown Membership, & Participation Programs?

A: No. All points/yards accumulated in the Master Ritualist, Traveling Helmet, & Touchdown Membership programs will be automatically applied after the State Council receives the submission through the Fantasy DeMolay submission form. The only exception is the Participation Program, in which points will be automatically applied based on the sign-ins at each State event. In other words, Chapters only need to worry about submitting once through the Fantasy DeMolay submission form. All other points/yards will then be counted in the Fantasy DeMolay program, as well as be automatically applied to the other programs.


Q: What is a “Junior”, “Senior”, and “Master Ritualist”?

A: These refer to the Master Ritualist Program, which is available on our website.


Q: How long does this program run?

A: It runs from September 1 through May 15. The September “monthly matchup” will allow for submissions back to August 1. The April “monthly matchup” will include May 1 through May 15, as well.


Q: What is a Rivalry Month?

A: November & March will be deemed “Rivalry Months,” and all Chapters will have the same matchups both months. All yards earned during these Rivalry Months will be doubled.


Q: Does the chapter earn “yards” for each member in attendance at State Events?

A: The chapter receives the amount of yards for the event by simply having one member and one advisor attend. However, some events do, in fact, have a yards per member in attendance status, which are specified in the program.


Q: What qualifies as a Degree Speaking Part?

A: Any part in a Degree that requires extensive memorization prior to being performed. For our purposes, the only parts that will not qualify for credit will be the Scribe, Senior Steward, & Junior Steward parts in the Initiatory Degree, as well as Godfrey de Goneville, Hugh de Peralde, & Guards in the DeMolay Degree.


Q: What qualifies as a Sponsorship?

A: In order to be deemed a Sponsorship, a local business, organization, etc., must have donated a minimum of $50 or more, Food, Raffle Baskets, or other to a chapter.  A local business, organization, or others who display an Official “Proud Sponsor of DeMolay” poster in their office, building, store, etc. will also be considered a Sponsorship.


Q: Are there any other requirements for Public Relations?

A: The only other requirement specific to Public Relations is that it may not be a duplicate Public Relations piece. A duplicate piece will be deemed any advertisement, article, etc. with minimal changes in text, graphics etc. running multiple times in the same media outlet. Example: if a spaghetti dinner advertisement runs in the Trenton Times on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the chapter will only receive yards for the original article on the 1st.


Q: What constitutes a Major Media Outlet?

A: Major News outlets will be considered any local, state, or national TV station, Radio Station, Newspaper, or Magazine.

Examples of qualifying Media Outlets would be as follows:

  • TV Stations: Anything from your local High School’s Channel to CNN
  • Newspapers: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc.
  • Radio Stations: Any major Radio production like Preston and Steve on WMMR, John Debella in the Morning, etc.


Q: If I think that we should have a greater number of yards in my chapter’s total, what do I do?

A: If there is a discrepancy in the amount of yards your chapter has been awarded, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the State Master Councilor, Brother Matt Hoffman, at We try our best to make this a fair, competitive, and fun program. But sometimes, mistakes may happen on both ends, so please be respectful in your communication. The final decision will be made by the State Council and the Executive Officer.

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