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Chapters should strive to earn the highest score they can by planning and participating in a well-rounded program. Each achievement listed below earns that chapter an amount of yards (points). Chapters will face another chapter each month in a “monthly matchup.” Chapters will win categories based on the head-to-head score in each category per month. Chapters will win their monthly matchup based on which chapter wins the most categories for that given month.


Example: Chapter A is facing Chapter B in their monthly matchup. Chapter A scores more yards than Chapter B in Ritual, Visitation, & Membership throughout the month. Chapter B scores more yards than Chapter A in Personal Accomplishments, Chapter Events, Community Relations, & Participation throughout the month. Chapter B would win the matchup 4-3, and they would be awarded a Win on their record, while Chapter A would be awarded a Loss on their record.

November & March will be deemed “Rivalry Months.” Chapters will have the same matchups for both months, and all yards earned during these Rivalry Months will be doubled!


All submissions must be made by the last day of each month by the Master Councilor of the chapter or his designate (must be an active DeMolay).  If submissions are made by someone who is not an active DeMolay they will receive half of the points the achievement is valued at. Additional opportunities to earn points outside of those listed below will be made known throughout the term and are at the discretion of the State Council. This program will run from September 1, 2016 until May 15, 2017 (Please note: April monthly matchup will run through May 15).


**The rules of this program are subject to change at any time by the New Jersey DeMolay State Council. All rule changes will be communicated properly with the Chapters.**



  • Master Ritualist: 500 yards
  • Senior Ritualist: 250 yards
  • Junior Ritualist: 150 yards
  • Flower Talk: 50 yards
  • Ceremony of Light: 50 yards
  • Shield Talk: 50 yards
  • Ritual Tournament Competitor: 50 yards
  • Degree Speaking Part: 40 yards

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Single LCC: 10 yards
  • Lamp of Knowledge: 50 yards
  • Representative DeMolay: 50 yards
  • PMC-MSA: 150 yards
  • Merit Bars
    • White: 5 yards
    • Red: 10 yards
    • Blue: 15 yards
    • Purple: 20 yards
    • Gold: 25 yards


  • Visitation: 25 yards
  • Steal the Traveling Helmet: 40 yards
  • Maintain Possession of the Traveling Helmet: 20 yards
  • Failed Attempt to Stealing the Traveling Helmet: 10 yards

Chapter Events

  • Social: 30 yards
  • Civic Service: 60 yards
  • Fundraising: 50 yards
  • Masonic Service: 60 yards
  • Obligatory Day: 50 yards each

Community Relations

  • Public Relations (Newspaper articles, etc.): 75 yards
  • Attend Town Council Meeting: 50 yards
  • Attend Local Community Group Meeting: 50 yards
  • Hold a Community Event: 100 yards
  • Attain Sponsorships from Local Business(es): 75 yards


  • Attend
    • Winterfest: 50 yards (each member)
    • LTC: 50 yards (each member)
    • DeMolay University: 30 yards (each member)
    • Unity Day: 40 yards (each member)
    • Masonic Home Visit: 40 yards (each member)
    • SMC-OV (other than your own): 25 yards
    • Dances: 25 yards
    • Sports: 35 yards
    • Other State Event: 20 yards


  • New Member (with both Degrees): 100 yards
  • Prospect Sheet: 10 yards
  • Petition: 25 yards
  • Founder’s Membership Awards: 150 yards each
  • Blue Honor Key: 250 yards each
  • Open House: 30 yards
  • Surpassing Majority: 100 yards (automatically calculated by State Council at end of program)

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