Traveling Helmet Visitation Program

“Traveling Helmet”

Visitation Program

  1. The team with the most cumulative points at the end of the year will receive a Team Jersey for their chapter.
  2. A chapter will receive 2 points for every meeting held where the helmet is in their possession, excluding the meeting in which it is stolen.
  3. When the helmet is stolen, the stealing chapter will receive 4 points
  4. A failed attempt to steal will result in 1 point being awarded to the chapter that failed to steal
  5. If a chapter visits another chapter with two members and one advisor they will receive 1 point even if the chapter does not have the helmet
  6. To steal the visiting chapter must have AT LEAST two members and one advisor
  7. The Master Councilor or ranking officer in attendance of the meeting in which the helmet was stolen must fill out the online form within 48 hours of stealing it
  8. For every meeting in which the helmet is in your chapter’s possession, the Master Councilor (or delegate) must fill out the online form within 48 hours of the stated meeting
  9. In the event of multiple chapters attempting to steal, the winner will be determined by the number of members in attendance times the miles traveled

Members X miles = points

Most points = Chapter awarded Helmet

PLEASE NOTE: Miles will be determined according to Google Maps, and will be based on the distance from lodge to lodge.

10. In the event, for whatever reason, that a chapter cannot meet for an extended period of time, the State Council will receive the helmet and give it to another chapter at their discretion. The State Council reserves the right to take possession         of the helmet at any time.

11. State Officers DO NOT count towards chapter counts, unless they are an Appointed State Officer currently serving as a Councilor of their Chapter.


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