1st Leadership Correspondence Course

LCC 1 – Basic DeMolay Knowledge


This program is sponsored by New Jersey DeMolay and certificates of award are distributed at our annual convention.  In order to successfully complete this Leadership Correspondence Course, (LCC) at least 85 percent of the questions asked (43 out of 50) must be answered correctly.

NOTE: At any point, you may substitute the appropriate number LCC provided by DeMolay International for any of the LCCs offered by New Jersey DeMolay.  Please contact us if you have successfully completed an LCC offered by DeMolay International so that we may keep accurate records and give credit appropriately!

1) First and Last Name 2) Chapter 3) Email

4) Today's Date

5) Which LCCs have you already completed?  (Please list as LCC 1, LCC 2 etc...)

6) What is your affiliation with NJ DeMolay?

7) In what year was DeMolay founded?

8) DeMolay was founded in what US city?

9) DeMolay was founded by:

10) Why was the Order of DeMolay founded?

11) The author of the DeMolay Ritual is:

12) List the seven (7) Cardinal Virtues of a DeMolay:

13) Which of the following is NOT a requirement to join DeMolay?

14) The first DeMolay Chapter was named:

15) Who was the first DeMolay?

16) How many members were there in the original group of DeMolays?

17) Senior DeMolays can stay involved in DeMolay by joining this organization founded in 1929.

18) Which King of France persecuted DeMolay around 1307?

19) Jacques DeMolay was a member of:

20) This Catholic Pope, influenced by the King, condemned Jacques DeMolay, a judgement that was later reversed by the church.

21) This fellow knight stood beside DeMolay during his trial and accepted whatever fate DeMolay would face as his own.

22) In what year was Jacques DeMolay burned at the stake?

23) According to the "Chapter Information" section of the website, how many DeMolay Chapters are there in New Jersey?

24) Based on information found in the directory of the state's website, how many DeMolay regions are there in New Jersey today?

25) Who is the current State Master Councilor of New Jersey DeMolay?

26) Where is New Jersey DeMolay's annual convention currently held each year?

27) Which of these famous individuals are members of the DeMolay International Hall of Fame? (4)

28) The ______ is the top ranking youth leader of the Chapter.

29) It is suggested that the Senior Councilor of the chapter be responsible for:

30) The Junior Councilor:

31) Every member should make it a goal to bring in at least _____ new members.

32) The first time a DeMolay becomes a first-line signer for a new member, he earns his:

33) An award that may be presented to anyone rendering outstanding service to the chapter is called?

34) Unscramble the following:


35) The ____ is the highest honor conferred by DeMolay International.

36) This self-evaluation award is one that Dad Land wanted all DeMolays to earn.

37) The ________ acts as spokesman for the Advisory Council before the Chapter.

38) In Chapter meetings, Parliamentary Procedure is followed according to what text?

39) While a Chapter is in session, a member does not pass between the altar and the:

40) If a member needs to leave the room while the Chapter is in session, he should:

41) How many degrees are there in the DeMolay Ceremony of Initiation?

42) How many raps of the gavel are made to cause officers to rise?

43) During a Chapter meeting, if a member desires to speak, he should:

44) How many obligatory days fall within one calendar year?

45) Select which date the Obligatory Day coincides with its observance date.

Parents Day

Education Day

Frank S. Land Day

Day of Comfort

Devotional Day

Patriots Day

My Government Day

46) What month is officially known as “DeMolay Month”?

47) Match the merit bar with the order in which they are earned:






48) Which two of the following seven categories is NOT a type of Merit Bar offered by DeMolay?

49) DeMolay is the largest youth fraternity in the world.

50) Members of DeMolay are members for life.

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