2nd Leadership Correspondence Course

LCC 2 – Intermediate DeMolay Knowledge

Welcome Back!

This program is sponsored by New Jersey DeMolay and certificates of award are distributed at our annual convention.  In order to successfully complete this Leadership Correspondence Course, (LCC) at least 85 percent of the questions asked (43 out of 50) must be answered correctly.

NOTE: At any point, you may substitute the appropriate number LCC provided by DeMolay International for any of the LCCs offered by New Jersey DeMolay.  Please contact us if you have successfully completed an LCC offered by DeMolay International so that we may keep accurate records and give credit appropriately!

1) First and Last Name 2) Chapter 3) Email Address

4) Today's Date

5) Which LCCs have you already completed?  (Please list as LCC 1, LCC2, Etc...)

6) What is your affiliation with NJ DeMolay?

7) You should take the Leadership Correspondence Courses (LCCs) in order.

8) Every DeMolay Advisory Council must have: (Check all that apply.)

9) What type of training must an advisor complete?

10) The Advisory Council should meet:

11) An Advisory Council may remove a chapter member from membership under which of the following conditions?

12) General responsibilities of the Advisory Council include: (Check all that apply.)

13) What is the only gift for which an Advisory Council can authorize spending Chapter funds?

14) Who acts as the Liaison between a DeMolay Chapter and its sponsoring body?

15) It is recommended that the Chapter Advisor serve:

16) The Parents’ Club is subject to the authority of:

17) According to Robert’s Rules of Order, which of the following is true about a main motion? (Check all that apply.)

18) Choose whether each of the following is an award or an honor.

Blue Honor Key


Cross of Honor


"Merit" Merit Bar

Lamp of Knowledge

Legion of Honor

Zerubbabel Key

19) In New Jersey, which of the following is not currently considered an official DeMolay sport?

20)  DeMolay Chapters must be sponsored by a Masonic Lodge.

21) The DeMolay fiscal year is defined as:

22) As mentioned in the Chevalier Investiture ceremony (available on the DeMolay International website) for what does the “S” in “Frank S. Land” stand?

23) Which of the following is NOT part of the DeMolay Code of Ethics?

24) What is the current edition of the Monitor of Ceremonies?

25) The layout of the Chapter room, position of the seven candles and location of the officers’ stations can be found in what is known as:

26) Select the appropriate number of gavel raps for each action.

Officers Rise

Attention/Be Seated

All Rise

27) In order to be considered for the Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award (PMC-MSA), a new Master Councilor must submit a letter of his intent to qualify:

28) When a DeMolay brings in 10 new members, he receives his Blue Honor Key. What happens if he brings in another 10 members?

29) When a new DeMolay Chapter is first begun, it is said to be:

30) Once a new chapter has enough members:

31) Today’s DeMolay emblem contains which of the following? (Check all that apply.)

32) When an Active DeMolay reaches 21 years of age, he becomes what is known as:

33) What is the name of the honor given to the "Advisor of the Year?"

34) Who is the current International Master Councilor?

35) New Jersey is an example of a DeMolay:

36) Which of the following is NOT currently a jurisdiction within DeMolay International?

37) What is the name of the New Jersey DeMolay Newsletter?

38) Which of the following is not an elected office in New Jersey?

39) Which of the following is not typically an elected chapter office?

40) Which of these statements regarding chapter elections are true? (Check all that apply.)

41) Which of the following statements are true about the Junior Councilor? (Check all that apply.)

42) The Almoner is responsible for:

43) Who selects the word of the day?

44) All members should be reported using:

45) Which of the following is not necessary for the scribe to record in the minutes?

46) The Master Councilor is an ex-officio member of all chapter committees.

47) On what day of each year do Chevaliers around the world honor the memory of Dad Land?

48) If your chapter doesn't have enough members to fill all of its committees, what could you do?

49) Why should committees meet before discussing items at a chapter meeting?

50) Why is it important to have statutes, rules and regulations in an organization?

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