4th Leadership Correspondence Course

LCC 4 – Event Planning and Preparation

Welcome Back!

This program is sponsored by New Jersey DeMolay and certificates of award are distributed at our annual convention.

For the fourth and fifth Leadership Correspondence Courses, members and sweethearts must plan (LCC 4) and execute (LCC 5) an event which will benefit your chapter. The event may fall under any category, such as fundraising, civic service, masonic service, visitation, etc. It may be a social or athletic event, be used for an Obligatory Day observance, Chevalier observance, charity, or just for fun. Basically, any event will do. (Note: Events executed this way are still eligible for consideration in other state programs.)

In LCC 4, you will be asked to plan the event and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Once your submission of LCC 4 has been received by the Education Department, you will receive an email containing approval, and may begin working on the event. Once the event is complete, you may submit a response for LCC 5.

1) First and Last Name 2) Chapter 3) Email Address

4) Today's Date

5) Which LCCs have you already completed?  (Please list as LCC 1, LCC 2 etc...)

6) What is your affiliation with NJ DeMolay?

7) What is the event and what is its purpose?

8) Who else will be involved in the planning for this event? (Don’t forget to include Advisors!)

9) When will the event take place? (Don’t forget to include the date and start/end times.)

10) Where will the event take place? (Include the name of the location and address, if possible)

11) Who will be invited to attend the event?

12) What supplies or equipment are necessary to execute this event?

13) Will this event cost money to execute? If so, provide a breakdown of your budget in the space below.

14) Approximately how many people do you plan on attending this event?

15) Do you plan on charging money for the event? If so, how much and why?

16) Is transportation needed for this event? If so, what are the arrangements?

17) How will you promote this event?

18) Create a timeline for promotion below. (Don’t forget to check publication rules and Deadlines).

19) Will people need to RSVP for this event? If so, by when and why?

20) How can you be contacted if more information is needed about the event?

21) If the event has to be changed, postponed, or canceled for any reason, how will you notify the participants and what additional preparations need to be made?

22) Include any additional information about the event below. (Type "N/A" if nothing to add)

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