5th Leadership Correspondence Course

LCC 5 – Event Debriefing and Reflection

Almost There!

This program is sponsored by New Jersey DeMolay and certificates of award are distributed at our annual convention.

This is the fifth and final Leadership Correspondence Course. In LCC 4, you were asked to provide the details necessary to plan and execute an event of your choosing. In LCC 5, (below) you will be asked to reflect on some of the information you provided in LCC 4 and compare or contrast them with what actually took place. It may be helpful to review any notes you have taken or lists you have made prior to or during the event, as well as getting feedback from others who participated.

After your submission of LCC 5, you will receive an email from the Education Department stating whether or not you have met the qualifications for your gold LCC Merit Bar and Lamp of Knowledge.

1) First and Last Name 2) Chapter 3) Email Address

4) Today's Date

5) Which LCCs have you already completed?  (Please list as LCC 1, LCC 2 etc...)

6) What is your affiliation with NJ DeMolay?

7) Was the purpose of the event achieved?

8) How did the other participants involved in planning the event affect its success?

9) Did the event happen on the proposed date(s)? If not, why?

10) Did the event happen at the proposed location? If not, why?

11) Of those invited the event, how many attended?

12) Were you able to obtain all of the supplies and equipment necessary to execute the event?

13) Compare the budget for the event with its actual cost(s) below.

14) What are some ways the event could have been more cost-effective?

15) How did you promote this event?

16) Did you successfully follow the timeline you set for promotion? Was it successful?

17) Based on any questions you may have received about the event, what information could have been better communicated? How available were you to answer questions?

18) Since completing Part I, what details about the event had to change? Did any additional preparation have to be made? If so, explain.

19) Overall, how successful do you feel the event was and why?

20) Based on your experience, what advice would you give to someone planning a similar event?

21) Was LCC 4 helpful in planning the event? Why or why not?

22) What is your overall opinion on the new Leadership Correspondence Course? Provide any feedback you wish.  (Type "N/A if nothing to add)

STOP! Before submitting this form, it is strongly suggested that you print it and save it with the notes or lists for your event. This may prove helpful to you or your chapter in planning future events!

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