Adult Leadership

NJ DeMolay

Executive Officer

Bruce C. Golway

Executive Officer, Executive Secretary, AEO's

Bruce C. Golway

Executive Officer

Katherine Flannery

Executive Secretary

Michael Cueva

Assistant Executive Officer

Eric Gonzalez

Assistant Executive Officer

Matthew Golway

Assistant Executive Officer

John Cataldo

Assistant Executive Officer

Michael Ross

Assistant Executive Officer


Anthony Trapani

Director of Convention

Paul Mossberg

Director of Finance

Simon Kramer

Director of Internet Services

Cindy Golway

Director of Sweethearts

Andrew Prescott

Director of Social Media

Frank Williams

Director of Membership (North)

Hank Stein

Director of Masonic Relations

James Chwalyk

Director of Scholarships

Andrew Strucek

Director of Ritual

Scott Singleton

Director of Advisor Development

Patrick Weisgerber Jr.

Director of Awards

Tom Taylor

Director of Membership (South)

Brian Calderio

Director of Athletics

Arnold “Butch” Elliott

Director of Facilities


Director of Chapter Development

Ryan Vander Horn

Director of Education

Christopher Bonelli

Director of Kitchen Services

Cady Bonelli

Director of Photography

Rebecca Singleton

Director of Squires

Assistant Directors

Breanna Betts

Assistant Director of Sweethearts

Matthew Hoffman

Assistant Director of Jurisdictional Officers

Glenn Latshaw

Assistant Director of Education

Brian Cole

Assistant Director of Membership

Steve Obney

Assistant Director of Athletics

Mary Guynn

Assistant Director of Squires