Honors and Awards

Download, print and complete the RD and/or PMC documents for submission. Upon completion; turn them into your Chapter Chairman or Advisor.

PMC-MSA  Representative DeMolay Award Degree of Chevalier


Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Award

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The Past Master Councilors Meritorious Service Award (PMC-MSA) was originated by the Founder of the Order of DeMolay, “Dad” Frank S. Land. He recognized the tremendous advantage gained by the Master Councilor in having a pre-planned program for his term of office. When such a program has been planned and distributed to the Chapter membership in printed form, the Master Councilor has gone a long way in achieving goals he has set.

While the newly elected Master Councilor is the only one qualified to apply for and achieve the award, he cannot do it alone. The requirements can only be met through the combined efforts of the entire Chapter. The Master Councilor must provide the leadership to inspire his fellow DeMolays toward a well rounded program.

“Dad” Land wrote the qualifications for the award and designed the jewel which is now proudly worn by those who have accomplished success in their term as Master Councilor. We hope that you will qualify for this coveted award.

Your term plan should include the following:

  • Civic Service
  • Fund Raising
  • Social Activity
  • Athletic Activity
  • Masonic Service
  • Youth Protection

In addition all Obligatory Days that fall during your term:

  • Education Day (September)
  • Frank S. Land Day (November)
  • Day of Comfort (November or December)
  • Patriots Day (February)
  • Devotional Day (March)
  • Parents Day (May or June)
  • Government Day (July)

Representative DeMolay Award

Representative DeMolay Award

The Representative DeMolay award is designed to encourage and reward DeMolay members for growth and development in various areas of life. The holder of the award is one we deem to be truly representative of the ideals and purposes of DeMolay. To hold this award, in effect, makes a young man a spokesman, an ambassador for DeMolay.

The Representative DeMolay program is one of self-evaluation. You are given the opportunity to review your own accomplishments in the past as you look forward and plan for the years before you. You should find those qualities that are your strengths and also note those areas in which you need improvement to achieve a well-rounded personality. This application will ask you to consider six major areas:

  • Mental Development
  • Physical Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • DeMolay Activity

Take this opportunity to learn about yourself seriously, and plan to take action on what you learn. You may find it helpful to seek the opinions of others, such as advisors, family, and friends, as you evaluate your progress in these areas.

You are required to give a Personal Rating in each area (excellent, above average, average, fair, or needs improvement) to become a Representative DeMolay. Your application will be judged not solely on your current level of accomplishment, but also on the thoroughness and honesty of your self-evaluation.

Degree of Chevalier

Degree of Chevalier

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The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor that an Active DeMolay can receive. This honor also may be granted to a Senior DeMolay. The Degree is a citation for outstanding and marked DeMolay Activity and labor. DeMolay International may confer the Degree of Chevalier upon a member of the Order or a Senior DeMolay who has performed unusual and meritorious service in behalf of the Order, who has attained the age of seventeen years as of the first day of the annual meeting of the year nominated and has been a member in good standing for at least two years on that date. An Executive Officer may lower the age eligibility requirement to sixteen.

The degree cannot be applied for, and the nomination is made without the knowledge of the DeMolay to be honored. The unanimous vote of DeMolay International at its regular Session is required to elect a nominee.

Recommendations are made by Advisory Councils to the Executive Officer of the Jurisdiction. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer. The nominations must be received by the Executive Officer’s deadline. Each year a nomination fee is established by the Grand Secretary, the free covers processing and regalia. Fees must be submitted with a completed nomination form to the Executive Officer. The investiture ceremony must take place within one year from the date of election.