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Visitation Program FAQ's

Visitation Program FAQ\'s


 Chapter Visitation Award

Q: What is the Traveling Submarine?

A: The Traveling Submarine is a fast-paced moving trophy contest. It moves from DeMolay Chapter to DeMolay Chapter in New Jersey!


Q: How do we get the Traveling Submarine?

A: Just visit the NJ DeMolay Chapter that holds the Traveling Gavel with at least 2 members and 1 advisor. The visiting Chapter with the most members present steals the Gavel.*


Q: How do you win the contest?

A: By holding the Submarine for the most meetings or accumulating the most points! One meeting with the Submarine in your possession=1 point!


Q: What do you win?

A: The NJ DeMolay Traveling Visitation Trophy

And A VIP experience at Convention!

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