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Mark C. Ashman Manor

NJ Squires is a leadership group for boys 9-11 years old.  Squires supports quality programs teaching leadership skills, social development, and cooperative activities. The goal of the Squires is for its members and their parents to have fun while learning three important life lessons: 

1. Wisdom — the importance of education

2. Truth — honesty

3. Justice — equality and fairness

Members decide their goals and activities with the guidance of trained adults, including parents of members. It's fun and meaningful for all who participate. 

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NJ Squire Manor State Events

  • Sat. July 13, 2019 (2nd Saturday in July each year) - Squires Fun Day
  • Sat. Nov. 2019 - Fall Honors Class (breakfast through lunch only)
  • Sat. Jan 11, 2020 (2nd Saturday in January) - Squire Fun Day/Fundraiser 
  • Sat. Feb 1, 2020 - Winterfest, February, (Saturday only, 10am-3pm)


Due to a lack of response on the Hurricane Harbor RSVP, we cannot offer discounted tickets; however, the event is still on.

  • We will meet at Great Adventure Hurricane Harbor this Saturday 7/20 during park hours.
  • Those without passes, look for coupons to bring with you or preprint your ticket online.
  • Look for meal deal coupons or pack a lunch.
  • On Friday, I will post a meeting place with several time slots so we can find our friends.
  • Mom Singleton's cell is 609-802-4610. Feel free to text me to find me. Provide your name and club/association when you do.
See you in Jackson!
Mom Singleton

Below are our Squire Club meeting times, locations, and contact information

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