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Chapter of the Year

Chairman - Andrew Gonzalez


The chapter of the year will be determined on how well a chapter does in all of our programs. Each program's points will be automatically added together for chapter of the year. Chapters must gain the minimum amount of points in each program in order to qualify for Chapter of the Year. Chapters can gain additional points by doing Civic service events (50 points each), fundraisers (40 points each) and masonic service events (30 points each). If an elected state officer is not at one of the above events, the Master Councilor, chairman of the event or an advisor must email the State Master Councilor with a photo and brief description of the event. 200 points will be awarded if a Master Councilor receives his Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award (P.M.C.M.S.A.). Chapters earn 25 points each for Representative DeMolays and Lamps of Knowledges. They can only get points if the paperwork was submitted and aprroved after 6/12/2021 and before 5/10/2021. The top two chapters at the end of the year will receive pennants for being finalists and the Chapter of the Year will receive the Executive Officers trophy for being the Chapter of the Year, as well as the Chapter of the Year sword. 

Traveling Program

Chairman - Daniel Gonzalez


The traveling item this year will be the New Jersey DeMolay stolen base. Each chapter will have the opportunity to steal the base at the chapter it is currently at. A chapter needs to bring a minimum of two (2) members and one (1) advisor. If there is a tie, where each visiting chapter brings the same amount of members, the chapter that traveled the farthest will get the base. The reward for successfully stealing the base is 25 points. An unsuccessful attempt will gain you 10 points. If you bring 5-9 members, you get 5 extra points even if you don’t steal the base. 10-14 members will gain you 10 points and 15+ members will get you 15 points. If no one attempts to steal the base, the chapter that has it gets 1 point. The base will stay at a chapter until it is stolen, or for 3 stated meetings or two months, whichever comes first. An elected state officer will be at each meeting the base is at. All points will automatically be awarded. Any state officer that travels with his chapter cannot be counted towards the chapter's membership total to steal the base. A chapter must have at least 35 points in order to qualify for Chapter of the Year.

The winning chapter will keep the base.

Membership Program

Chairman - William Revesz

There is a chapter program and an individual program.

Chapter: Each chapter will receive 50 points per new member. These numbers will be members initiated between 6/12/2021 and 5/10/2022. If a chapter surpasses its majority between those dates, they will receive 100 points. These points will automatically be put in. If a chapter gives a Founders Membership Award, they will receive 100 points. Proof that the member got the award will need to be provided. That means, a picture of the member with the pin, and the names of each member he signed. The points will only be awarded if the members that were signed in joined between 6/12/2021 and 5/10/2021. If a member earns a Blue Honor key, the chapter will receive 200 points. The same rules apply for the blue honor key as for the founders membership award. A chapter must have at least 50 points in order to qualify for Chapter of the Year.

Individual: A member will receive 5 points per signed member. 25 for receiving his F.M.A. and 50 for receiving a B.H.K.


1st place Chapter: Matching jerseys

1st place Individual: Playstation 5 

Ritual Program

Chairman - Evan Brammer

There is a chapter program and an individual program

Chapter: A chapter will be judged based on their chapter ritual. The State Junior Councilor will be at 4 chapter meetings per chapter judging ritual. The first meeting will be scored 1-10. The second meeting will be judged 1-20. The third meeting 1-40 and the fourth meeting 1-80. He is looking for improvement for each meeting. Chapters will also gain points for the public ceremonies that they do. For a Flower talk, a chapter will receive 40 points. A flower talk with a mothers watch will have a chapter gain 50 points. A ceremony of light will gain a chapter 40 points. A full DeMolay Degree sections 1-3 will gain a chapter 150 points. Elected State Officers cannot gain their chapter points by doing Flower talk and Ceremony of Light. Appointed State Officers can only gain half the points for their chapter by doing Flower Talk and Ceremony of Light. A chapter will need to have at least 90 points in the ritual tournament in order to qualify for Chapter of the Year.


Individual: A member will gain points for doing any of the following parts throughout the year.

Flower Talk - 40 Points

Mother's Watch - 10 Points

C.O.L. - 40 Points

J.D. - 35 Points

M.I. - 35 Points

S.I. - 10 Points

J.I. - 30 Points

G.C. - 10 Points

Lord Constable - 10 Points

Marshal of the Commission - 5 Points

Senior Guard - 5 Points

Orator - 50 Points

Note: If a chapter performs any public ceremony not listed above, ex: shield talk, father’s talk. Then they will be rewarded a base 10 points 



       Chapter - custom matching hats

       Individual - a baseball jersey of your choice

Visitation Program

Chairman - Val Villarba


Chapters will have trading Cards. When a chapter visits another chapter, the visiting chapter receives a single trading card (not distributed to each visiting member). A chapter will need to have 2 members and one advisor in order to receive a card. Each trading card is worth 10 points. When a chapter collects a trading card from all other chapters, they have a collection and will be given a 50 point bonus. You will need to have at least 4 other chapter cards (40 points) in order to qualify for Chapter of the Year. 

General Information

Programs start on September 1st, 2021 and end on May 10th, 2022. All rules are subject to change at any point by the Elected State Officers. Chapters will be notified when rules are changed.

Updated standings will be provided monthly on the Monthly message. 

Andrew L. Gonzalez

72nd State Master Councilor

New Jersey DeMolay