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Chapter of the Year Traveling Program General Information

Chapter of the Year

The chapter of the year will be determined by how well a chapter does in all of our programs. Each program's points will be automatically added together for chapter of the year. Chapters can gain additional points by doing Civic service events (50 points each), fundraisers (40 points each), and masonic service events (30 points each). If an elected state officer is not at one of the above events, the Master Councilor, chairman of the event or an advisor must email the State Master Councilor with a photo and brief description of the event. 200 points will be awarded if a Master Councilor receives his Past Master Councilor's Meritorious Service Award (P.M.C.M.S.A.). Chapters earn 25 points each for Representative DeMolays and Lamps of Knowledges. They can only get points if the paperwork was submitted and approved after 6/12/2022 and 5/10/2023. The top chapter will win the Chapter of the Year sword.

Traveling Program

The traveling item this year will be our little droid friend CRE1-G. Each chapter will have the opportunity to steal the CRE1-G at the chapter it is currently at. A chapter needs to bring a minimum of two (2) members and one (1) advisor. If there is a tie, where each visiting chapter brings the same amount of members, the chapter that traveled the farthest will get CRE1-G. The reward for successfully stealing CRE1-G is 25 points. An unsuccessful attempt will gain you 10 points. If you bring 5-9 members, you get 5 extra points even if you don’t steal CRE1-G. 10-14 members will gain you 10 points and 15+ members will get you 15 points. If no one attempts to steal CRE1-G, the chapter that has it gets 1 point. CRE1-G will stay at a chapter until it is stolen, or for 3 stated meetings or two months, whichever comes first. An elected state officer will be at each meeting the base is at. All points will automatically be awarded. Any elected state officer that travels with his chapter cannot be counted toward the chapter's membership total. The winner will receive CRE1-G as the prize.

General Information

This year DeMolay International released a new marketing campaign called The Road Begins Here. They have put together a bunch of resources together to help chapters with their marketing effort. This includes templates, logos, and designs for banners, polos, name badges, shirts, and more. We want to encourage every chapter to go to and check out all of this material. At DeMolay International session in June, the Grand Lodge of New Jersey donated a custom The Road Begins football signed by the Grand Master and other Masons that worked closely with this project. To the chapter that the state officers feel used the new promotional material the best will receive the football as the prize.