Program and Submission Form

Chapter of the Year Rules

All DeMolay Chapters that are chartered or under letters temporary in the state of New Jersey are automatically entered into the program. Member Chapters earn points based on completing certain tasks throughout the State Council year.  The Chapter of the Year program will be based on a point system outlined below.

Chapters should strive to earn the highest score they can by planning and participating in a well-rounded program. The Chapter of the Year selection will be made from those Chapters who attain the highest score. If more than one Chapter attains the same score, participation numbers will be evaluated to determine the Chapter of the Year.  If there is a tie in participation, the decision on who receives the designation of Chapter of the Year will be made by the State Master Councilor and Executive Officer by evaluating the Chapter’s overall program.

Program standings will be updated a minimum of once per quarter and shared via the state website and Jurisdictional Officer messages.

Points are awarded in 2 ways; automatically and by submission. Please review the criteria listing in the next section to see which points are awarded automatically and which points are awarded by submission.

Submission points will be awarded to Chapters who complete the report form for each activity and submit it on time. When submitting via the Internet, please submit one activity at a time. Multiple activities on the same Internet form will cause those activities not to be counted. All forms must be received within 30 DAYS OF THE ACTIVITY.  When submitting items for points, detailed explanations of the Chapter Activities are suggested so that they may be used in the evaluation.

Chapter Chairman and District Deputies will be contacted if questions arise concerning any event submissions.


Please note that all automatic submissions are pending information being supplied by the Chairman of said activity.  For example, Athletics points will only be awarded upon information supplied by the Director or Athletics.  Points for Membership, LCC and RD will be calculated on a quarterly basis unless otherwise noted by the director of said areas.  No points will be awarded for manual submissions within these categories unless otherwise noted (FMA/BHK).


All chapters must complete and submit at least two (2) entries in the following categories in order to complete a well-rounded program and be eligible for trophy placement:




Chapter of the Year Categories

Criteria #1 ~ Membership (automatic):

Number initiated into your chapter, receiving the Initiatory Degree, from June 1 through May 31 of the DeMolay year and reported properly via a Form 10 to the EO and DeMolay International.

  • 50 points for each member
  • 100 points for surpassing your majority
  • 300 points for meeting your membership goal
  • 100 points for earning the Founders Membership Award (submitted)
  • 200 points for earning the Blue Honor Key or for each BHK Star (submitted)


Criteria #2 ~ Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award (automatic):

A Master Councilor of your Chapter earns the PMC-MSA award between June 1 and May 31 of the DeMolay year.

-              1000 points each


Criteria #3 ~ Representative DeMolay Award (automatic):

The RD is granted to a member of your Chapter between June 1 and May 31.

-              250 points each


Criteria #4 ~ Leadership Correspondence Course (automatic):

Completing one of the five LCC courses between June 1 and May 31 of the DeMolay year. Send copies of the completed lessons with the submission.

  • 10 points each
  • Bonus 100 points if a member earns the Lamp of Knowledge for completing all five LCC’s.


Criteria #5 ~ LTC (Submitted):

One member attending a LTC (Garden State LTC, Keyman Conference, etc)

-              50 points (upon receipt of thank-you letter to sponsor)

-              If your Chapter sends two members the chapter receives the 100 points maximum.


Criteria #6 ~ State Membership class (submitted):

One or more candidates from your Chapter receive one or both Degrees at a state membership class (Fall Honors, Grand Master’s, End of the year, etc)

-              100 points

-              An extra 10 points for every additional member


Criteria #7 ~ NJ State Ritual Tournament (submitted):

Your Chapter participates in the NJ State Ritual Tournament

  • 300 points for large team competition (max 2)
  • 100 points for small team competition (max 3)
  • 50 points for Flower Talk and Ceremony of Light
  • 50 points for Magnificent Seven
  • 10 points for Preceptor Competition
  • Competitions added by the Ritual Committee will be scored based on comparable submissions


Criteria #8 ~ Sponsor Appreciation (submitted):

Your Chapter performs an activity or event for your sponsoring body, Masonic District or other local Masonic body.

-              100 points per event (max 6)


Criteria #9 ~ Visitation (submitted):

Your Chapter completes a visitation to another chapter’s meeting. Visitations consist of at least 3 Members and 1 Advisor.

-              50 points (max 1 visit to each chapter per quarter)


Criteria #10 ~ Sports Tournaments (submitted):

Your Chapter has one or more teams entered in one of the NJ DeMolay sports tournaments.

-              100 points

  • A bonus 100 points are awarded if your Chapter is entered in ALL Sports Tournaments


Criteria #11 ~ Chapter Communication (submitted):

Your chapter submits a communication plan, complete with examples demonstrating its use and effectiveness.  As an example, you have an active email reminder system, social media posts, or participation in the NJ State Council social media and email blasts.

-              100 points


Criteria #12 ~ Obligatory Days (submitted):

Your Chapter holds an observance for an Obligatory Day during the year between June 1 and May 31.

  • 100 points
  • Bonus 200 points for observing all seven


Criteria #13 ~ DeMolay Month (submitted):

Your Chapter must observe DeMolay Month and describes how the seven precepts were represented.

-              300 points

-              An extra 50 points will be awarded if your Chapter gets a proclamation from the City Council or Mayor and have met all other criteria for DeMolay Month.


Criteria #14 ~ Civic Service Events (submitted):

Your Chapter performs a civic service event during the year between June 1 and May 31.

-              100 points each (max 6)


Criteria #15 ~ Masonic Service Events (submitted):

Your Chapter performs a Masonic service event during the year between June 1 and May 31

-              100 points each (max 6)


Criteria #16 ~ Fund Raising Events (submitted):

Your Chapter performs a fund raising event during the year between June 1 and May 31

-              100 points each (max 6)


Criteria #17 ~ Social Events (submitted):

Your Chapter performs a social, or fun, event during the year between June 1 and May 31

  • 100 points each (max 6)

Criteria #18 ~ Public Relations Program (submitted):

Your chapter receives some form of public relation media during the year between June 1 and May 31 (newspaper, magazine, online articles. Etc)

-              100 points each (max 12)



Criteria #19 ~ Special Event attendance (submitted)

Your chapter attends one of the special events listed below (more may be added at the Director of Awards discretion)

  • Halloween Hike for Dyslexia Center
  • Unity Day with Rainbow and Eastern Star
  • Legion of Honor Investiture
  • 100 points each


Criteria #20 – Obligations (submitted)

Members of your chapter complete their Obligation during the year between June 1 and May 31

  • 10 points for each member that completes his Obligations