Winterfest 2018

Make sure you have your calendars marked for Winterfest 2018.  The team has been hard at work to make this the best weekend yet!  

We're likely a week or two out from the forms officially hitting the website but here's what we can tell you so far:
  • Friday Night is going to be pretty awesome.  We've been working on something new as our team building entertainment.  We'll also have some opportunity to customize your official Winterfest shirt.
  • Saturday is going to be a mix of DeMolay information, life skills, and general awesomeness.  We'll also have more food than you can eat at any one time.  
  • The Dance - Need we say more...?  Natalie is all over this (I mean, she already invited Rainbow)
  • Prizes - Got some old Prescott Pesos, Selby Singles, LaBucks, or Ryan Rupes laying around?  If so...clean your room, there's seriously no reason to hold on to those.  What can you possibly buy with $70 in Selby Singles anyway?  But we will have prizes and they'll be interesting.
Mark your calendar for the weekend of February 2-4, 2018 at the Scottish Rite in Bordentown.  Cost will be $85 per member which includes your meals, shirt and overall awesomeness.
We'll see you there!

Winterfest 2018 Full Registration Packet

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